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Going after a postgraduate degree at a highly remarkable university like the University of Leicester is something that most students around the world fantasize about. It is already a known fact that the United Kingdom is home to some of the best and outstanding universities we have in the world.


The University of Oxford, University of Cambridge and University of London are just some out of many other world-class universities we have in the United Kingdom.


Looking at these universities mentioned above and also those that weren’t mentioned, there is one university that always seems to stand out with a significant presence and that is the University of Leicester. Just so you know, this wonderful university is known to be part of the most respectable universities in the United Kingdom and also around the globe.


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If you are reading this right now and you are unto the idea of pursuing a postgraduate degree at the University of Leicester, this article will be of great benefit to you. You may be asking questions about how expensive it is to study there or how you can cut down costs at this university but worry less, because this article is here to offer the help you need.


But just before we move any further into details, let’s discuss on why, as an aspiring postgraduate student, you should pick the University of Leicester as a place to study.


Why Study at The University of Leicester?

The University of Leicester is a public research university in England that has always been known as a fantastic university with high standards, intelligent students, skilled tutors, successful alumni and many other feats that keeps it atop.


Since its establishment, first as the Leicestershire and Rutland University College in 1921, this great university has produced lots of brilliant minds who have positively changed today’s world in one way or the other.


Currently, the University of Leicester harbours over 16 thousand students and about 5,000 of them are postgraduate students in different fields of study. You should believe us when we tell you that if you eventually become part of these students, you would definitely feel a positive impact on your educational status or level.


This amazing university is, and always will be, amongst the most welcoming and widely recognized universities in the United Kingdom and also around the world. This university has never seemed to dim its bright shine, it has also worked its way and strived towards being a very respectable and largely recognized institution.


The University of Leicester has been known to be one of the top universities that students always opt for when it comes to furthering their studies. The issue here for some of the aspiring students is that financial hardship poses a threat to their education and is huge setback for them.


Due to this and many other money-related problems, some of these students unfortunately have to close down their dreams of studying at a university like this.


If you are a student who wants to study at the University of Leicester but you do not have the financial strength to bear the weight of costs for accommodation, tuition and other expenses related to studying, there are several scholarships to assist and help you out. With these scholarships, you and other fellow students can now get the chance to go for their postgraduate courses without worrying much about expenses.


If you are reading this now, you should be very much interested in the scholarship programs that the University of Leicester has to offer. If you are an aspiring postgraduate student whose wish is to study at this university, some of these scholarships will be listed below and if you have it in mind to apply, be sure to visit the official website.


1. Law International PGT Merit Scholarship

The University of Leicester is seeking to assist and give a helping hand to international-fee-paying students applying for a postgraduate taught degree programme in Leicester Law School. If you eventually become a successful awardee of this program, you get to be awarded a scholarship worth either £3,000 or £5,000 per year.


Eligible students for this scholarship will be automatically considered for this scholarship when you apply for your programme.



Before you can be considered eligible for this scholarship you must:

Possess a degree equivalent to a UK high upper second class degree – £3,000.


Or possess a degree equivalent to a UK first class degree – £5,000.


Be classified as an international student for fee purposes.


Be starting a full-time, campus-based postgraduate taught course in the Leicester Law School, commencing in September 2023.


Hold only one University of Leicester scholarship.


2. Leicester Postgraduate Partnership Scholarship

Leicester’s two universities, University of Leicester and De Montfort University are proud to offer graduates of either institute a bursary, as part of an exciting new partnership between the two universities. If you choose to sign up for a taught postgraduate course, then you are eligible for this scholarship.


As a successful awardee, you get to enjoy a 20% fee discount on a selection of postgraduate taught courses at either De Montfort University or University of Leicester.



Before you can be considered eligible for this scholarship, you must be a graduate of either University of Leicester or De Montfort University, and must have completed your studies. The discount will be applied automatically for eligible students.


You should also note that:

This scholarship is not available for Undergraduate and Postgraduate Research courses.


The scholarship will act as a tuition fee discount to be applied at the point of registration.


Applicants do not need to apply for the Leicester Postgraduate Progression Scholarship as the award will automatically be confirmed for eligible students.


Those already in receipt of the scholarship will not be eligible for any other University of Leicester scholarship or award.


If you actively apply for and are successfully awarded another scholarship, that award will supersede the entitlement to any automatically awarded scholarship.


3. Distance Learning Merit Scholarship

The Distance Learning Merit Scholarship offers a discount in the course fee for suitably qualified UK and international fee paying applicants.

The available awards are:

MA: £800

PGDip: £500

PGCert: £300



Before you can be considered eligible, you must:

Be part of any taught postgraduate distance learning degree offered by the University of Leicester.


Already have a UK first class honours degree or a degree that is equivalent to a UK first class honours degree.


There is no need to apply separately for this scholarship as it will be automatically applied to your fee.



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