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Since it was founded back in 1946, the non-profit organization known as National Medical Fellowships (NMF) has been recorded to have provided over $45 million to more than 32 thousand students underrepresented in medicine.


In case you do not know, this organization is actually known for offering need-based and merit scholarships to Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC) medical students and also students in other health professions.


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The National Medical Fellowships works to increase diversity in research it believes that a very effective and much productive way to eliminate health care disparities immensely, is to do well to increase the number of physicians from diverse and varying backgrounds who can provide culturally competent care to medically underserved communities.


This is something that the founder of this organization, Franklin McLean, saw before moving on to establish the National Medical Fellowships.


He understood before any other individual could, that the lack of opportunities for African American physicians was a problem for the society. Dr. McLean saw the need to have more minority physicians achieving basic equality of opportunity, and also to ensure access to quality health care.


As we speak, NMF programs are still in the act of providing financial support and assistance to various medical students from groups underrepresented in medicine. There are currently tens of thousands of health care leaders who at some point, received support from the National Medical Fellowships.


It is also known that there are lots of NMF alumni who are now practicing physicians, educators, policy makers, researchers, philanthropic leaders and health care administrators.


All of them are in one way or the other, looking for ways to effectively promote excellence in today’s health care system.


The good news is that you reading this can actually become part of individuals like the ones mentioned afore, you can now become a significant contributor to medicine as a whole with the help of National Medical Fellowships.


Yes, we know that the high cost of medical education is a huge barrier for many, but this is why the NMF is there to help. This organization, since its inception, has always had scholarships and awards at the core of its programming that has been dedicated to lessen the financial burden shouldered by scholars via scholarships which are awarded often.


If you know you are a medical student and you wish to apply for the scholarships which would be listed below, do well to visit the official website.



Before we move on to the list of available scholarships from National Medical Fellowships, let us take a look at the eligibility requirements.


Proof of U.S. citizenship or Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) approval letter.


Please note that permanent Residents/Green card holders are not eligible.


You must be currently enrolled in an accredited, graduate-level U.S. health care program.


You must also take note the required degree program type for each NMF scholarship as there are other awards that support high school or undergraduate students.


The Medical schools must be LCME Accredited U.S. Programs | LCME and COCA American Osteopathic Association | AOA accredited institutions.


You must be enrolled in culminating MD, MD/PhD, DO, or DO/PhD programs (unless otherwise specified).


You must be a student underrepresented in medicine -the following racial/ethnic groups are designated under NMF as underrepresented in medicine: Hispanic/ Latino, African American/Black, Asian American (Vietnamese and Cambodian only), American Indian or Alaska Native, Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander.


Applicants must demonstrate leadership ability.


Applicants must show commitment to serving medically underserved communities.


1. Aura E. Severinghaus Award

Just so you know, the Aura E. Severinghaus Award was established way back in 1975 to honor the memory of National Medical Fellowships board member and associate dean emeritus of Columbia University’s Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons.


Since then, this program has sought to help out and financially assist medical students towards their academical objectives.


If you eventually become a successful awardee of the Aura E. Severinghaus Award, you get the chance to receive a $2,000 scholarship. This scholarship will actually be given to one fourth-year underrepresented student in medicine who has already demonstrated leadership during their tenure in medical school.


You should also note that the award recipient will be nominated by the Office of Diversity at Columbia University Medical Center College of Physicians and Surgeons.


Applicants should note that there is no open application for this scholarship as recipient is selected internally.


2. Dr. James McCune Smith Medical Student Award

The Dr. James McCune Smith Medical Student Award was actually established in 2019 and this award is given in honor of the first African American to receive a medical degree, Dr. James McCune Smith. This award has been known to give a helping hand to Afro-Latino, African American and also Native American students.


If you eventually become a successful awardee of the Dr. James McCune Smith Medical Student Award, you get the chance to receive $5,000. This scholarship requires you to be enrolled in an accredited medical school in New Jersey, Connecticut or New York.


An applicant for this award must be one who exemplifies the qualities of Dr. McCune in their commitment to academic excellence, research, service and leadership.


Students are also required to comment on their current health disparities research. As an awardee of this scholarship, you are required to give a 10-minute presentation about your research on health disparities at the Dr. James McCune Smith Scholarship Lecture and Awards Reception.


3. NMF Need-Based Scholarships

The NMF Need-Based Scholarships were established solely to help address the fast-rising costs of obtaining a medical degree. This scholarship program seeks to counter expense issues that comes with possessing a medical degree in today’s world.


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If you eventually become a successful awardee of this need-based scholarship, you get the chance to receive $10,000 award. This will be given to 50 third- or fourth-year students underrepresented in medicine who are enrolled in a US accredited (MD/DO) program.


Applicants for this scholarship are required to demonstrate their financial need by submitting their student aid report, financial aid information, and any other appropriate financial documents for consideration.


As an applicant, you must also comment on how this scholarship would help to relieve the burden of living and tuition costs, as well as advance your professional development.


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