How to Fix It When the Alexa App Says the Echo Is Offline


Alexa is Amazon’s shrewd advanced associate. At the point when you use Alexa to control a Echo brilliant speaker, your voice orders advise the Echo to play music, check the climate, answer questions, convey news, share sports scores, control other shrewd gadgets, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. 

While Alexa and echo function admirably together, in some cases Alexa shows that the Echo gadget is offline. This issue normally can be unraveled rapidly and effectively with a bit of investigating. 

TIP: These investigating steps apply to Alexa-empowered echo gadgets, including the echo Spot, echo, echo Also, echo Studio, and echo Show. 


There are a few reasons why a echo gadget may seem disconnected, incapable to react to Alexa. The Alexa application on your cell phone or echo gadget may be obsolete, or the echo probably won’t be associated with power. The Wi-Fi might be inconsistent or failing, or the echo may be arranged excessively far from the switch. 

Whatever the reason, some straightforward investigating steps ought to get Alexa and the echo gadget back in a state of harmony. 


Attempt these investigating steps in the request introduced here, going from straightforward fixes to more confounded critical thinking. 

1. Ensure the Echo gadget is connected. Check that the source has power, at that point ensure the Echo is effectively connected utilizing its unique force connector. 

TIP: A red light ring on a Echo flags that it has power. In the event that it doesn’t have lights, move the echo to another source and attempt once more. 

2. Restart the echo gadget. This basic investigating step frequently works for some computerized glitches in the tech world. Restart the Alexa-empowered gadget, and check whether this tackles the issue. 

3. Draw the Echo nearer to the switch. Here and there a Echo turns out great, yet it shows as offline in the Alexa application as a result of a powerless association between the echo and the modem or switch. Drawing the echo nearer to the modem or switch helps the Wi-Fi signal. 

TIP: Move any electronic gadgets that remain between the echo and the modem, for example, televisions, radios, and microwaves. These gadgets can meddle with the sign. 

4. Check the Wi-Fi network. In the event that the Wi-Fi is down, the Echo shows up offline. Check if the switch is working and that its showcase lights are green. On the off chance that there’s a red light, there’s an issue with the switch. Restart the modem and reboot the switch to get the Wi-Fi back ready for action. 

TIP: On the off chance that you fix a Wi-Fi issue, turn the echo off and afterward back on once more. The gadget ought to reconnect to the Wi-Fi arrange and return in the Alexa application as on the web. 

5. Ensure your cell phone and echo are on a similar Wi-Fi network. In the event that your cell phone and Alexa application are on various Wi-Fi networks, the Reverberation won’t have the option to react. Ensure both are on a similar organization. 

6. Update the product rendition on the Echo. While a echo ought to get refreshes naturally, an obsolete programming adaptation may cause the offline issue. Check the echo gadget’s product form and update it if vital. 

TIP: To physically refresh Alexa on a Echo, state Check for programming refreshes. 

7. Restart the Alexa application on your telephone. A straightforward programming glitch might be the issue. Restart the Alexa application from its Settings menu, at that point relaunch the application. Check whether this tackles the offline issue. 

8. Update the Alexa application on your iPhone or Android. On the off chance that restarting and relaunching the application didn’t work, update the application. Go to the iTunes Application Store or Google Play and check whether there’s a refreshed rendition accessible. When you update the application, check whether this purposes the offline issues. 

9. Uninstall and reinstall the application. On the off chance that restarting and refreshing the Alexa application didn’t help, uninstall the Alexa application on your iPhone or Android gadget. At that point reinstall the Alexa Application from the iTunes Application Store or Google Play. 

10. Update the Wi-Fi network data. Another guilty party for a echo appearing as offline in the Alexa application is that you as of late changed your Wi-Fi network name or secret word, for instance, on the off chance that you moved. Update this data and check whether this takes care of the issue. 

11. Deregister the echo gadget. At the point when you request a echo gadget, it’s enlisted to your Amazon account prior to being shipped off you. In the event that it doesn’t appear in the Alexa application, deregister and afterward re-register the gadget. 

NOTE: In the event that you purchased the Echo used and the past proprietor didn’t deregister it from their Amazon account, contact Amazon uphold and ask them to deregister it. 

12. Reset the Echo to processing plant settings. At the point when all else comes up short, and the Alexa application actually doesn’t show the Echo gadget as being on the web, reset the Echo to its unique settings. In the event that you pick this choice, register it to your Amazon account and enter the gadget settings into the Alexa application again to utilize it. 

NOTE: You can play out this cycle from the Alexa application or straightforwardly on the gadget. 

13. Contact Amazon’s Alexa gadgets help assets. In the event that you actually can’t comprehend the issue, Amazon has an abundance of investigating assets, including an accessible information base and a network gathering.

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