How to Fix It When Apps Keep Crashing on Android


Most applications that you introduce from the Google Play Store run extraordinary on practically any gadget. Notwithstanding, it tends to be exceptionally baffling when any of your most loved applications continue slamming on your Android. 

Numerous individuals accept that applications crash in light of the fact that there’s a bug in the product or in light of the fact that it’s inconsistent with the gadget. 

Actually there are a wide scope of reasons an application may continue smashing on Android gadgets. So work through the investigating tips underneath before you surrender. 

NOTE: Before you begin investigating, check the Google Play page for the application for the upheld form of Android. This is normally recorded at the base under “Requires Android” and will show the base adaptation of the Android operating system needed to run the application. 


• There are numerous reasons applications may continue slamming on your Android, yet there are a couple of more normal foundations for this issue. 

• The application doesn’t uphold your rendition of Android. 

•Your introduced form of the application is obsolete. 

•The application requires a superior organization association than the one you’re associated with. 

•Your gadget is out of extra room and the application doesn’t approach enough framework memory to run. 

There are a couple of various things you can attempt to fix every one of these issues. 

NOTE: Guidelines apply to all variants after Android 4.1. Starting at 2020, most telephones run Android 10 or higher. 


Attempt the accompanying fixes all together. They are given from the most well-known reason to the most un-normal. This should assist you with settling this issue all the more rapidly. 

1. Reboot your Android. This shockingly straightforward arrangement fathoms a dominant part of issues, including applications slamming. This is regularly on the grounds that after some time program and application reserving can top off your Android’s memory. At the point when the telephone has been on for an all-inclusive timeframe, the memory utilization of these can be broad. Restarting your gadget clears all stores and opens up memory. 

2. Check your web association. There are some applications that require more web transfer speed and won’t function admirably on a cell web association. Try to turn on Wi-Fi on your Android and test the application when you have a solid web association through your home organization. 

NOTE: Despite the fact that your’e associated with an organization, your web association may at present not be working appropriately. Test it by opening a program and composing in an irregular site page to ensure it stacks appropriately. 

3. Update the application on your Android. You can decide to either refresh the application that is causing the issue physically, or arrange Google Play to refresh all applications on your telephone naturally. While you’re grinding away, ensure that your Android operating system has the entirety of the most recent framework refreshes too. 

4. Update Google Play Administrations. This foundation application is a center Android operating system usefulness that guarantees applications are working appropriately. At the point when this foundation administration isn’t working or is obsolete, it can cause applications to crash. 

5. Power stop the application. At times, in any event, when you think you’ve shut an application on your Android gadget, the application won’t appropriately close and may continue running out of sight. Here and there when this occurs and you endeavor to re-open the application once more, it’ll simply crash. In the event that you discover this fixes your issue, at that point ensure you realize how to appropriately close applications on an Android gadget. 

NOTE: Restarting your Android is another approach to compel stop an application, however it could relaunch again naturally on startup. Along these lines, it’s a smart thought to follow this progression and ensure the application is really halted. 

6. Clear application information. As you utilize an application over the long haul, it consistently spares information to a store to improve execution. At times, this information can get degenerate which can cause the application to crash. Here and there, getting out this store physically can resolve the issue. On the off chance that this doesn’t work you may have to venture to such an extreme as to boot your Android into recuperation mode and select Wipe Store Segment to completely clear the framework reserve. 

NOTE: Be mindful so as to choose the correct choices while booting into Android recuperation mode, on the grounds that choosing some unacceptable alternatives can make you block (make unusable) your Android gadget. 

7. Check application authorizations. On the off chance that your application was as of late refreshed, it’s conceivable that the application consents were slowed down to default on your Android. This may make anything from flighty conduct the application freezing altogether. Return into the application consents for this application and ensure that it has all of the authorizations it requires. In case you don’t know which consents are required, give the application all authorizations just to test on the off chance that it settle the issue. 

8. Reinstall the application. As a last resort, the application itself could have degenerate records that won’t let it work appropriately. Have a go at uninstalling and reinstalling the application. In the event that you can’t discover the application on the Google Play store any longer (on the off chance that it was a more seasoned application that has been taken out), you may have to discover and introduce the APK for it all things considered. 

9. Let loose extra room. On the off chance that all that else so far has fizzled, it’s conceivable you at this point don’t have enough stockpiling on your Android for the application to run appropriately. There are a few different ways you can let loose space to get the application working once more. Have a go at utilizing Android Stockpiling Director to clear pointless documents. Erase old downloaded records that might be eating up over the top space. Take a stab at moving enormous documents like pictures or films to a SD card. There are additionally loads of extraordinary Android cleaner applications that can let loose space. 

10. Production line reset your Android telephone. In case you’re sure beyond a shadow of a doubt that the application should run fine on your variant of Android, and you’re urgent to get the application working once more, you can generally select to manufacturing plant reset your Android telephone. Just utilize this as an absolute final retreat, since you’ll have to take a full Android reinforcement so you don’t lose significant documents and contacts. As another option, you should seriously mull over finding an option application that does likewise, however works appropriately on your telephone.

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