How To Fix a “Failed To Obtain IP Address” Android Error


At the point when you’re attempting to jump on a Wi-Fi organization or utilize the web with your portable, the exact opposite thing you need to see is the “Neglected to Acquire IP Address” on your Android gadget. 

This mistake normally shows up when you’re endeavoring to interface with any Wi-Fi network, regardless of whether it’s your home organization. What it implies is that the switch that deals with the organization can get an IP address for your Android gadget. 

This issue not just keeps you from utilizing that organization to get to the web, yet you likewise can’t get to some other organization assets like printers, remote shows, or streaming gadgets. 

NOTE: The headings underneath by and large apply to any Android telephone paying little heed to mark, including: Samsung, Google, LG, Motorola, and that’s just the beginning. Every gadget may have marginally unique menu choices, in any case. You’ll locate any huge contrasts noted. 


There are numerous reasons you may see this mistake on your Android gadget when you attempt to associate with an organization. The most widely recognized wellspring of the blunder is a switch issue. Either your gadget was deliberately impeded, or the association issue is because of a switch issue. 

It’s likewise conceivable that your Android’s own organization equipment or programming is breaking down or degenerate. You can stroll through the means beneath to investigate, beginning from the most probable causes to the most improbable situation. 


Since the switch is normally the most well-known issue with this mistake, the investigating should begin there. Whenever you’ve affirmed the switch isn’t the issue, you can proceed onward to investigating your own Android gadget. 

1. In case you’re on another person’s organization, request that they eliminate the Macintosh channel for your gadget. They ought to likewise affirm there aren’t any parental controls set up to obstruct your gadget from getting to the web. On the off chance that the organization and switch is yours, at that point associate with your switch as a director and ensure both of those highlights are killed for your Android gadget. 

NOTE: In case you’re seeing this mistake while attempting to associate with a corporate Wi-Fi network, almost certainly, you need IT endorsement before you can utilize the remote organization. In the event that it’s a public Wi-Fi hotspot like at a bistro, at that point the switch is undoubtedly not the reason for this mistake. 

2. Ensure your switch’s underlying firewall isn’t accidentally causing issues. On the off chance that you’re not the main individual encountering the “Neglected to Acquire IP Address” mistake, quite possibly’s somebody either as of late empowered or changed the remote switch’s underlying firewall. It’s additionally conceivable the firewall programming quit working appropriately. Take a stab at checking whether the switch firewall is empowered, and test incapacitating it to check whether that settle the mistake. 

3. Change your switch’s organization encryption. In the event that the switch is right now designed to utilize AES or TKIP encryption, those encryption types are known to cause issues with specific gadgets. changing organization encryption to WPA2-PSK regularly settle those issues. 

4. Restart the switch. On the off chance that everything on the switch looks at fine, restarting it will re-instate the inside programming and clear any potential store issues. On the off chance that rebooting doesn’t work and various individuals are as yet observing a similar blunder when associating with the remote organization, it very well might be an ideal opportunity to reset the switch all things being equal. 

NOTE: Remember that resetting a switch additionally resets the entirety of the modified settings that were made after the switch was first introduced. Prior to resetting, make a point to make a note of all settings that were tweaked so that after the reset you can return in and alter those settings the manner in which you need. 

5. Check if your Android telephone is the issue. On the off chance that you’ve attempted the entirety of the switch alternatives above you’re actually observing the “Neglected to Get IP Address” mistake on your Android, it’s an ideal opportunity to begin investigating your Android gadget. The principal thing you should attempt is having your Android fail to remember the organization association, which goes about as a reset. Whenever this is done, you can reconnect your Android gadget to the Wi-Fi network. You’ll have to type the organization secret word since to the extent your gadget knows, this will be the “first time” you’re associating with the organization. 

NOTE: Having your Android gadget fail to remember a Wi-Fi network clears all reserved organization settings and information, which regularly clears any organization gives the Android gadget is encountering. 

6. Clear your Google Play Administrations reserve. Google Play benefits that run out of sight on your Android telephone are known to incidentally cause network issues. This could be because of abuse of organization transfer speed when the administrations naturally update all applications on your telephone, yet nobody knows precisely whey these administrations once in a while cause network issues. The fixes for most Google Play Store mistakes are frequently the equivalent fixes that will settle this IP setup disappointment. 

7. Check if your switch is hindering your gadget’s IP address. Here and there, a remote switch may begin obstructing the IP address of gadgets on the organization for no clear explanation. On the off chance that you’ve affirmed the switch isn’t expressly set to obstruct your gadget, you may have the option to determine this mistake by changing your Android to utilize a static IP on the organization. 

8. Turn Flight mode on, stand by around one moment, at that point turn it chill out. Ensure Wi-Fi is killed and guarantee your telephone can interface with the Web over cell information. In the event that that works, discover a Wi-Fi hotspot in your general vicinity and test associating with that organization. On the off chance that you’re ready to interface and utilize the web, at that point you realize the issue isn’t your telephone. It’s the organization. 

9. You may have no other decision than to processing plant reset your Android if this issue is going on your home organization. In case you’re incidentally attempting to utilize another person’s organization, a less intense choice is simply utilize your portable information for web access while you’re there.

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