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Epicgames com Activate – Activate Epic Games on PC, Mac, Xbox or PS4

Are you finding the epicgames com activate steps hard while connecting to your device? Activating your device with your epic games account is very simple.

Epicgames com activate

Once you have the proper steps and you follow them accordingly, you should be able to activate your device. Note, Activating your device to the account requires an eight (8) digit code. This eight-digit code will be sent to you during the activation process.

Epicgames com Activate via Launcher

Before you can activate epicgames via the launcher you have to download the epic games on your computer.

  • Since you are downloading the launcher first visit their official website to download the app
  • Click on “Download Epic Games Launcher” on pop up message when you visit the site
  • Wait for a few minutes to get the app installed on your device. (the launcher app is also available on macOS)
  • Launch the app and log in to your epic games account
  • Open a game then you will see an activation code that will be used in activating your account
  • On a separate browser go to
  • Enter the activation code and click on “CONTINUE”

Follow the onscreen instructions.

Epicgames com Activate on Xbox

You can also activate the epicgames on your Xbox Live to your epic games account with straightforward steps.

  • Go to the epicgames website at after turning on your Xbox console
  • At the top of the page click on “Sign in” to choose “SIGN IN WITH EPIC GAMES”
  • Enter your “Email Address and Password” and click “LOG IN NOW”
  • Choose the thumbnail for your account and go to “Account” and then “Connections”
  • On the accounts page under Xbox click on “Connect”
  • A new tab will show then choose “Link Account”
  • Enter the information to access your Xbox account

Your Epicgames will be connected to your Xbox.

PS4 Epicgames Activation

Aside from the two steps that are listed above, you can activate your epicgames on your PlayStation 4. to link them together your PlayStation Network account must be active.

  • Go to the Epicgames page at from your PS4 console and
  • Sign in with your login credentials after choosing “SIGN IN WITH EPIC GAMES”
  • Choose “Account” from your account thumbnail
  • Select “Connections” and then “Accounts”
  • Choose “Connect” under Playstation Network
  • Tap on the “Link Account” on the new window and sign in to your PlayStation network account

Your epicgames account will be successfully connected to your PlayStation Network account. If you want to disconnect click on “Disconnect” below the PSN logo.



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