NRF-MINDS Postgraduate Scholarship For African Students in 2023

  The NRF-MINDS Postgraduate Scholarship seeks academically brilliant African scholars from low-income families to pursue postgraduate study at some of the leading universities on the continent. Over a five-year period, MINDS will fund and support 45 Honours and Master’s scholars to study at African universities outside their home country, while …

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Study in South Africa: Mastercard Scholarship for International Students at the University of Cape Town in 2023/2024

The goal of the University of Cape Town Mastercard Scholarship Programme is to transform promising young people from beneficiaries to benefactors by providing them with the values, knowledge, skills, and leadership needed to fuel economic and social progress across Africa.     The Programme seeks academically qualified undergraduate and postgraduate …

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How to write a good Stellar CV

CVs are a touch chilling, aren’t they? I don’t prefer to speak an excessive amount of concerning my accomplishments, however I’m forced to detail a number of them throughout my quarterly CV cleanup exercise. think about it as a spring cleanup exercise except it happens in Google Docs, not your …

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