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The top and Best password manager, Use different passwords for each of your accounts. All of your logins will be remember by a password manager; use these instead.


Passwords, let’s face it, are a huge headache.

You cannot use the same password across all of your accounts, unlike a fingerprint,

because doing so would allow unauthorized access to all of them.

The human brain is n’t built to remember dozens of passwords or which passwords correspond to which accounts.

so you should use a separate one for each one.

We’re stuck with passwords until websites and applications figure out a better way to verify that you’re who you say you are, but that is be much preferable.

A one-time passcode that is deliver to you through email or text message is one of the extra security precautions that certain websites allow you to employ.

However, despite that, But even while that makes using the same password again a little bit safer, using a password manager is still a far better option.

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All of your logins, including various passwords for each account, will be store by a password manager.

Anything works similarly to how your phone’s contacts app keeps all the various phone numbers, addresses, and other information so you don’t have to remember it.

But a password manager makes sure that you are the only one who has access to those credentials.

They function by hiding all of your logins behind a single, “master” password that you only need to remember once. All logins are encrypt until you enter that password, which is why only you can access your logins.

Most password managers allow you to utilize your phone or computer’s fingerprint or face scanner in place of that master password to make the procedure simpler. You must not .

But if you ever need to enter it in, you shouldn’t forget it because doing so will prevent you from accessing your logins.

Additionally, you’ll almost probably need to enter that master password each time you restart your computer if you wish to use the same password manager to remember website logins on a desktop web browser.

And if you’re wondering why you should use a password manager rather than just letting your web browser store your login information for you, it’s because they work with all popular devices and web browsers, allowing you to access your login information across all of your devices rather than just Chrome, for example.

Additionally, all of them offer an autofill option that allows users to enter their usernames and passwords without having to look them up or copy and paste them, making them incredibly easy.

The finest can update stored passwords automatically when you change them, and some even change weak passwords on some websites with complex, strong ones.


You may have recently read or heard of a security flaw with LastPass. In actuality, there were two—one in August and a second—using information obtained from the earlier incident—in November.

The business has acknowledge these intrusions with a fair amount of transparency and state that no user passwords were stole.

We understand if you wish to stay away because it is obviously bad form for a firm to have your logins exploited in any way.

We still advise it, though, because the passwords themselves are encrypt using a master password that only the user knows (and are not  on the cloud, making them less hackable).

Any password manager that uses the cloud, like LastPass, is susceptible to hacking,

same, while hackers shouldn’t ever be able to access your logins as long as they are secure.


1. Best paid password manager: Dashlane

Best Best password manager

premium password manager: Dashlane Experts

Cons: All the features you desire

Pros: extremely constrained free version

One of the greatest password managers is Dashlane. It has a vast reach across all of your gadgets.

It creates secure passwords and continuously checks your accounts to let you know when there is suspicious activity taking on or when you need to change your passwords.

When it comes to certain online purchasing, it also features a digital wallet feature that allows you to safely keep your various payment methods and offers speedy checkout and respectable form completion.

Although there is a free version, it is practically worthless because it can only save 50 passwords and won’t sync them across other devices.

The major reason we can’t suggest it above Bitwarden is because of this:

The only true option is to pay, and it isn’t the least expensive either at $39.99 per user each year (about £30).

Fortunately, a Family subscription that costs $59.99 annually and accommodates up to five people is now available.

Additionally to browser extensions, Dashlane apps are available for Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS. A VPN is included for added security,

But it’s not a replacement for the best VPN services,

and while it’s helpful for passwords, we’d prefer a lower price without the VPN. The VPN is essentially a scaled-down version of HotSpot Shield.

2. Bitwarden – Best free password manager

Bitwarden – Best free password manager\s

BesBest password manager


Use is free

Excellent support for devices and browsers


Unslick compared to the best

Because its code is open source, Bitwarden differs from its competitors.

That means those who are able to read code can examine the specifics of how it operates, providing significant assurance that it is secure.

More good news: Bitwarden is free to use if you’re a person. While it’s true that some more complex capabilities are reserved for the Premium tier, all of the essential features

—including unlimited logins, device syncing, and even a self-host option—are accessible without charge. Of course, Bitwarden can also keep track of other sensitive data like credit card numbers, passwords, and IDs.

a function known as Send, (which is exclusively available to Premium customers) enables users to securely communicate information with others, such as login information, banking information, or tax paperwork.

Free users get the newest feature, a username generator to complement the current safe password generator,

but they are unable to organize passwords into collections.

If you want the premium features, Premium is surprisingly inexpensive at $10 a year (or about £7.50). A Family account is also available for $40 (about £30) a year.

You won’t have to laboriously type logins or progressively accumulate them as you visit the numerous websites you use and apps that demand logins because Bitwarden can import from quite a few other password managers.

There are Bitwarden programs for Windows, macOS, Linux,

Additionally to Chrome-based browsers like Microsoft Edge, there are browser extensions for Android, iOS, Firefox, Edge, Opera, and Safari.


3. Keeper.

The top password manager for businesses is Keeper.


favorable to companies

Support for 2FA and security keys


Zero free tier

Keeper is a fantastic, flexible password manager that is made for both people and companies.

Strong passwords are generated for you by the software, which also manages auto-fill and logins across platforms and on all of your other devices.

Additionally, it includes a sophisticated file-sharing feature that enables both individuals and organizations to securely store data on the cloud and access them whenever necessary.

Addition, you can enter into specifically allocated apps or websites using the fingerprint scanner on their phones, providing them comfort. Additionally, Yubikey, SMS, and other two-factor authorization options are supported.

The cost is the main drawback. No free tier exists. A 14-day free trial is available, but in order to continue using it,

you must pay £29.99/$34.99 annually, or £71.99/$74.99 to get it for the Family plan, which includes five accounts.

Businesses can quickly estimate the cost of a one-year subscription by contacting Keeper.

There are plug-ins and extensions for all the major web browsers, and Keeper is compatible with Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS.

4. Sticky password manager


sharing of secure passwords

Accessibility for emergencies


Free version is not cross-platform compatible.

Excellent password manager with a ton of features is Sticky Password.

For instance, the premium edition now offers password inheritance, allowing you to grant access to trusted individuals in the event of your passing.

There are applications for Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, and a wide range of browsers.

Although the free version is excellent, you can receive the Emergency Access function, cloud backup, local Wi-Fi synchronization across devices, and priority access to customer care with the £19.99/$29.99 premium version.

Alternatively, you can pay a one-time price for lifelong Premium status, which, depending on your location, costs £119.99/$149.99/€149.99.

Oh, and Sticky Password’s creators are rather interested in manatees and donate a portion of each Premium account price to organizations that protect wildlife.

So you’re protecting Manatees in addition to your credentials.

5. NordPass

NordPass best password manager


inexpensive family plans

Health tools for passwords


Signing out of other devices with the free version

Our list of the top VPN services presently has NordVPN at the top. Additionally, the business offers NordPass, a specialized password manager.

There are desktop apps for Windows, Mac, and Linux, mobile apps for Android, and extensions for Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Opera.

The Chrome extension will function well with any of the numerous variations that use the Chrome engine, including Vivaldi and Brave.

Passwords can be easily imported into NordPass by exporting a.CSV file from another password manager and importing it into NordPass. Consequently, you’re.

This saves you hours of tedious password-typing for all of your accounts and gets you up and running in a matter of seconds.

When you access websites or open apps, NordPass can automatically fill in your login information.

Additionally, NordPass can automatically create complicated passwords, assess the security of your current ones, and fill out online forms for you.

Along with the password manager, the app also has a secure note section where you can keep sensitive information that you don’t want to get into the wrong hands.

This allows you to quickly pay for things online while still saving your credit card information securely.

Passwords, credit card information, and notes from these sections can all be shared securely with friends using NordPass’ Shared Items feature.

You can quickly get your companion back to viewing Midnight Diner: Tokyo Stories if they once again forget their Netflix login.

Although it allows for unlimited logins and devices, you are only able to log in on one device at a time with the free version.

For example, logging in on a phone will log you out of the browser extension on your laptop.

The Premium edition offers you access to all services and has a pricing structure similar to the company’s VPN service, making it more affordable the longer you subscribe.

Thetwo-year plan cost $1.49 (£1.55) per month at the time of writing, while the one-year plan cost $1.99 (£2.02).

6. Password 1

Best password manager


Convenient Password leak warnings while traveling


It’s not the cheapest

Zero free tier

Canadian-based Another well-known service that runs on Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS is 1Password.

It stores your passwords in a secure vault, similar to other password managers,

that can only be opened with your master code (hence the name 1Password).

AES-256 encryption and two-factor authentication keep things secure,

and browser extensions make it simple and quick to enter login information online.

When making a purchase, you can save your bank, PayPay, and credit/debit card information for automatic filling.

The option to delete all sensitive data from your smartphone and keep it on the business server is one unique feature that 1Password offers. It is known as Travel Mode, and

is designed to be used when you travel to places where using a computer, smartphone, or tablet might be required.

Simply switch off the Travel Mode when you get home, and your data will be automatically recovered.

After a 30-day free trial, 1Password offers two subscription options:

A family account with five users for £49 ($60) per year or the premium tier for £2.40 ($2.99) per month (paid annually).

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