How To Fix It When Android Screen Won’t Rotate


While investigating an Android screen that won’t pivot when you turn the telephone sideways, search for the most well-known underlying driver. Equipment disappointment is most unrealistic, so trying a reboot or refreshing your telephone initially is the least demanding fix. 

We’ve assembled demonstrated fixes for this issue from the simplest to the most troublesome. 

NOTE: The tips beneath should work regardless of who produced your Android, whether it’s Samsung, Google, Huawei, or some other running the Android operating system. 


Any of the beneath issues can forestall your screen to rotate appropriately when you turn your telephone. 

• Auto rotate choice is turnoff or not working. 

• The screen you’re utilizing isn’t set to auto-rotate. 

• Late applications are meddling with auto-pivot. 

• You’re contacting the screen when you rotate. 

• Your Android should be refreshed. 

• G-sensor or accelerometer is flawed. 


This issue has been accounted for occurring on any Android telephone, so it’s normally nothing to stress over. Stroll through these means and you should have the option to determine the issue. 

1. Empower Auto rotate. You’ll discover this setting in the Speedy Settings menu. In the event that you see Auto pivot featured in blue, at that point auto turn is empowered. On the off chance that you don’t see Auto turn, however there’s a Picture symbol all things considered, auto Rotate is debilitated. Tap Representation to empower auto turn. 

NOTE: On the off chance that you’ve empowered the Talkback application in Openness Settings, you should realize that empowering auto pivot can cause issues. Turning the screen will intrude on any expressed input that is at present in cycle. 

2. Try not to contact the screen. Keep in mind, your Android screen is a touch screen. Holding your finger on the screen while pivoting your telephone will bolt auto turn from working. Doing any signals will have this equivalent impact. In this way, at whatever point you turn the telephone, hold it by the edges of the body as it were. In case you’re persuaded you weren’t contacting the screen, align it the touchscreen ensure the screen isn’t detecting taps when you’re not contacting it. 

3. Restart your Android telephone. Restarting your telephone cleanses framework memory which frequently settle numerous weird practices. Not exclusively will it settle minor issues like your Android screen not turning, however it could likewise resolve gradualness or even a frozen screen. 

NOTE: This should just be a reboot, not a reset. You shouldn’t need to reset your Android telephone to fix this issue with the screen not rotating. 

4. Permit Home screen revolution. In the event that a particular screen, similar to your Home screen, Lock screen, or Voice call screen won’t turn while other applications do, this may not be an issue with the auto Rotate highlight by any stretch of the imagination. Naturally, auto turn won’t rotate these screens. You can empower this by returning to the auto turn symbol depicted in the initial step and tap just beneath the symbol to enter its settings. Empower the flip switches for Home screen, Lock screen, or Voice call screen to empower that. 

5. Update your Android. New operating system refreshes frequently incorporate fixes for bugs and different issues. On the off chance that there are any new infections or malware that influence auto Rotate, the freshest updates could incorporate patches. In case you’re encountering different manifestations of an Android infection, you’ll need to deal with eliminating the infection from your telephone. 

NOTE: On the off chance that you do find that you needed to clean your Android of an infection, you’ll need to ensure you introduce a decent antivirus application to keep this from happening again later on. 

6. Double check turn settings in the application you’re utilizing. For instance you can set recordings to turn in Google Photographs. Those application settings could be clashing with your telephone endeavoring to auto turn. 

7. Align your Android’s sensors. This includes moving your telephone in a figure-eight movement. This causes the accelerometer and G-sensor to re-change their settings to default. This might enable the telephone to react better to the movement of turning your hand when you need to rotate the screen. 

8. Uninstall as of late introduced applications. On the off chance that you as of late introduced any applications before this conduct began, that application could be causing clashes with your Android’s auto pivot include. 

9. Send the telephone in for fix. The main driver could be flawed equipment and it may require proficient fix.

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